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Thursday 28 May 2015

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Fonni, lying on the green slopes of the Gennargentu, is one of the highest mountain villages in Sardinia. The area has many traces of its ancient Nuraghic inhabitants, including a cluster of megalithic tombs of the giants near Madau, and several nuraghes in the same area, including nuraghe Dronnoro. This small town’s economy is based on its handicraft traditions, mainly woven fabrics, carpets, and traditional sweets and pastries. One of Fonni’s hallmark products are its famous savoiardi biscuits, a kind of sponge ladyfingers. In wintertime, this is where you can find the only skiing slopes in Sardinia, with skylifts on Monte Bruncu Spina and Monte Spada.


Fonni is also an excellent home base for exciting mountain walks across the Gennargentu, through beautiful landscapes with varied plant cover and wildlife. An increasingly popular event is Cortes Apertas, organised throughout the Barbagia area, an autumn festival held for about a dozen years now. The locals throw their doors open to visitors who can discover the oldest traditions of each village. In Fonni, step into the ancient Franciscan church of the Madonna dei Martiri: the Virgin’s festival is held in June and once marked the return of the shepherds with their flocks from the winter pastures down in the valleys. Fonni is also well-known for its beautiful wall paintings, the murales. The best way to appreciate this fine example of folk art is to follow the route of the murales winding along the village streets: the paintings show scenes of traditional daily life, religious processions and country landscapes.

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